Niños Consentidos (Enfants Terribles/Spoilt Brats) is an experimental and interdisciplinary
artistic festival, which has been held continuously in Buenos Aires, Argentina, since 2006.

As of June 2010 it has branched out and now also takes place in Barcelona, Spain.

The festival is an open space for artists of any discipline with pieces to show and/or
ideas to develop. This space is therefore intended as a place of research and a trading-ground
of actions involving different artistic languages; its goal is to set up those actions, together
with the networks and relationships these may generate, whether it be between the artists
themselves or with the attending audience.

Our main goals are to experiment, cooperate and generate networks. Promote a moment in
which to debate ideas, generate questions and of course, simply enjoy an artistic event.

Economic situation:

Niños Consentidos is supported by 3 fundamental elements:

1. The time and loving dedication put in by the people who volunteer to organize and work in the festival

2. The time and loving dedication put in by the artists who volunteer to participate in the festival

3. The money from the box office, which is used to put on future editions of the festival

If any one of these elements did not exist, Niños Consentidos would not exist.

Niños Consentidos does NOT receive any external financial aid and is at present
unlikely to receive any subsidies, therefore, we are unable to pay those who participate
in the festival – but we’ve decided to continue working and promoting art and culture.

Details and balances of the box office money that feeds into the festival, and its subsequent
reinvestment, are all available to all festival members.

Occasional concerts:

In the specific case of concerts organized outside the framework of the festival, the money raised in
box office goes entirely to the artists.